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EdMar threads are spun from only the highest quality materials on spinning machines dedicated to a high level of spinning quality. The resulting threads are superior to any rayon hand embroidery threads on the market anywhere in the world today.

The threads are hand dyed in over 200 color combinations, many with intricate color-changing variegations. The colors and styles of the EdMar line are what grab the attention of stitchers world-wide. The unsurpassed quality is what brings them back again and again.

Although EdMar threads are primarily used in Brazilian style dimensional embroidery, it's uses in a wide range of needleworks are quickly being recognized. From cross-stitch to tassle-making, needle artists around the world are discovering the wonderful quality, color, smoothness, and sheen only EdMar threads deliver.


This fine weight, 2 ply thread has 21.5 yards (20 meters) per skein.
Glory is great for small detail work and is available in all colors.


Iris is a medium weight, 2 ply thread with 16 yards (15 meters) per skein.
Excellent for all types of needlework and available in all colors.


Frost is a medium 3ply thread with 16 yards (15 meters) per skein. The tighter twist of this thread gives a more defined look to your stitches. Available in all colors.


Lola is a heavy, 3 ply thread with 20.7 yards (19m) per skein. Excellent for making all kinds of embroidered flowers and other needlework. It is available in all colors.


Ciré (pronounced see-Ray) is a heavy 3 ply thread with 10.5 yards (10 meters) per skein. This thread differs from Lola (our other 3 ply heavy thread) in that the twist is slightly looser. This gives a different look to the stitches you make. Ciré is not currently available in all colors: please refer to the color list for availability.


Nova is a very heavy 6 ply thread and each skein has 10.5 yards (10 meters).
This luxuriously thick thread is lustrous and satiny. Available in all colors.


Pronounced boo-Clay, this uniquely knotted thread is made with a 2 ply base with two other plies looping in and out making it a 4 ply thread. It comes 10.5 yards (10 meters) per skein. This highly textured thread is ideal for making stitches with dimensional effects. Although it may appear to be a difficult and unruly thread to work with, it is actually quite tame and easy to use. Rayon is the key to its ease of use and satin finish.
Available in all colors.

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Edmar color #000 - Natural White Edmar Color #001 - Medium to Light Blue Edmar Color #002 - Light Gray & White
Edmar Color #003 - Light Yellow & White Edmar Color #004 - Pale to Light Pink Edmar Color #005 - Light Peach & White
Edmar Color #006 - Pale to Med. Mulberry Edmar Color #007 - Pale to Light Grape Edmar Color #008 - Light Yellow & Pale Apricot
Edmar Color #009 - Dark to Medium Tangerine Edmar Color #010 - Light Yellow & Tan Edmar Color #011 - Light Pink & Light Blue
Edmar Color #012 - Rose & Blue Edmar Color #013 - Pale Pink & Light Yellow Edmar Color #014 - Light Blue & Light Yellow
Edmar Color #015 - Medium to Light Pink Sherbet Edmar Color #016 - Pale Papaya, Smoky Beige & Gray Edmar Color #017 - Pale Pink & Light Plum
Edmar Color #018 - Light to Pale Chantilly Pink Edmar Color #019 - Light Yellow & Light Lavender Edmar Color #020 - Dark Teal & Wine
Edmar Color #021 - Pale Pink, Light Baby Blue & Pale Tea Green Edmar Color #022 - Lemon & Tangerine Edmar Color #023 - Pale Apricot & Baby Blue
Edmar Color #024 - Light to Whisper Tea Green Edmar Color #025 - Medium to Light Charcoal Edmar Color #026 - Pale Pink, Lt Baby Blue & Lt Yellow
Edmar Color #027 - French Rose & Ashy Orchid Edmar Color #028 - Pale Baby Blue, Pale Apricot & Pale Plum Edmar Color #029 - Dark to Medium Khaki Green