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MD06  - Christmas Elegance Chart MD07  - Fairy Flora Chartpack MD09  - My Lady's Garden Chartpack
Glorious gifts await on the lap of the emerald-gowned heiress who sits beneath the softly falling snow on a starry Christmas Eve. Sprightly and lithe, the tiniest of forest fairies flits among dew-covered flowers and berries. Just beyond a fanciful garden gate, a well-born lady tends her flower garden in all its autumn glory.
MD100  - Winter White Santa Chart with Crystal Charm MD101  - Circle of Friends Chart MD103  - Shakespeare's Fairies Chart
Mirabilia Designs presents its 100th design, featuring a snowy, winter white Santa with a gorgeous candy cane red scarf. This is a tapestry tale of the love and support of close friends. Shakespeare’s Fairies run through the twisted forest with only flirefly lanterns to guide them.
MD104  - Day Nymph Chart MD105  - Night Nymph Chart MD106  - Sabrina Chart
MD104 - Day Nymph Chart
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MD105 - Night Nymph Chart
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MD106 - Sabrina Chart
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This piece combines the mesmerizing artistry of jewelry with the symbolism of a woman emerging, strong and resilient. Reminiscent of luxurious Art Nouveau jewelry, a woman emerges with butterfly wings from a chrysallis with a twinkling crystal star and enameled wings. My newest cross stitch goddess is inspired by old black and white movie glamour and celebrates the perfection of onscreen couture.
MD107  - Lady Hera Chart MD108  - January's Garnet Fairy Chart MD109  - Tree of Hope Chart
MD107 - Lady Hera Chart
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A peacock with magnificent plumage of electric blues and teal greens lingers in the royal garden. We would like to introduce you to the January Garnet Fairy. Serene maidens harvest wishes from the tree with a lotus heart amidst intertwining leaves.
MD110  - Spring Topiary Garden Chart MD111  - The Peony Garden Chart MD112  - Charlotte Chart
MD112 - Charlotte Chart
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A pair of butteryfly-winged damsels oversee an early spring garden. Exuberant double blossom peonies create a purple haze at twilight. This treasure of cross stitch is a symphone of fuschia, teal and lime.
MD113  - Red Lady Pirate Chart MD114  - September Sapphire Fairy Chart MD115  - Lady Alexandra Chart
1500-1534 - One of the most ruthless and cunning of the female pirates of the 16th Century.
The September Sapphire Fairy captures a serene moment of a young fairy.
This design is midnight velvet, white star silk, Hollywood glamour, glittering diamonds and brocade. A timeless design of beauty and grace, please meet Miss Lady Alexandra.
MD116  - Elizabeth Chart MD117  - Merchant Mermaid Chart MD118  - Golden Girl Apples Chart
MD116 - Elizabeth Chart
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This design is named for my favorite movie icon. I am so inspired with the fearless, beautiful way she lived her life. I love Mill Hill Crystal Treasures and beads nestled between silky stitches on cross-stitch handwork. Our Golden Girl Apples are crisp and juicy with a touch of tart.
MD119  - Silver Moon Tea Chart MD120  - Santa Chart MD121  - Dressmaker's Daughter Chart
MD120 - Santa Chart
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Art nouveau ribbons mingle with the curls of steam from a porcelain cup. A legendary holiday spirit is stitched in the merriest shades of red and gold. Couture inspired by nature.
MD122  - August Peridot Fairy Chart MD123  - Sleeping Princess Chart MD124  - Roses of Provence Chart
August Peridot Fairy has luminous butterfly wings that radiate cool shades of aquamarine and grass green.
Once upon a time, on a bed of tufted silks and embroidered pillows, a princess lies dreaming of roses and lilies. These lovely Provence Roses are also known as Cabbage Roses.
MD125  - Siren and the Shipwreck Chart MD126  - Gypsy Mermaid Chart MD127  - Persephone Chart
MD127 - Persephone Chart
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She longingly hums the ballads she’s heard echo through the glistening waters. A Bohemian vagabond who collects trinkets and treasures from sunken ships. Like the lotus flowers behind her, with their blooms growing up from the darkness.