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Garibaldi's Needle Works color CARAMEL LATTE - Caramel Latte is a gorgeous combination of colors closest to DMC 729, 3829 and 680! - Available in all of our fabrics.

Garibaldi's Needle Works specialized in hand-dyed embroidery and cross stitch fabrics. We begin with high quality fabrics from Zweigart and DMC/Charles Craft. Our fabrics range from Cashel, Belfast, Edinburgh and Newcaste linens, to Fine Ariosa evenweave, Lugana evenweave, Aida Cloths and more! Top quality material mean a great experience for you, the embroiderer as you work on your stitching project. All of our fabrics are dyed entirely by hand, are colorfast and fade-resistant.

Special orders are welcomed and we are able to dye up to a 2 yard cut of fabric. Especially useful for Embroidery and Needlework Instructors who are teaching a class. Your students will be ensured to all receive the same shade of color for uniformity throughout your class.

Caramel Latte  - 28 Ct Monaco Caramel Latte  - Aida Cloth (DMC/Charles Craft) Caramel Latte  - Aida Cloth (Zweigart)
Caramel Latte - 28 Ct Monaco
Prices Start At $12.45
Caramel Latte  - Zweigart Linen Caramel Latte  - Zweigart Lugana & Fine Ariosa
Caramel Latte - Zweigart Linen
Prices Start At $15.95
Since all of our fabrics are dyed by hand, please allow 1-2 weeks for your embroidery and cross-stitch fabric to go through our unique dyeing process.  Special attention is paid throughout the entire process to ensure you receive the highest quality product.  Pattern you see is a close representation of the actual pattern you will receive.  Color may vary by a shade lighter or darker due to differences in screen resolutions.  If your needlecraft project requires more than one cut of the same color, we strongly advise ordering those at the same time to help with uniformity in color.