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MD007  - Fairy Flora Chartpack MD013  - Winter Queen Chart MD017  - Stone Roses Chartpack
Sprightly and lithe, the tiniest of forest fairies flits among dew-covered flowers and berries. Regal in pale periwinkle blue satin against a serene white background, this cool beauty’s upswept hair is adorned with purple violets beneath a beaded coronet. Green ivy protectively encircles an angel turned to stone centuries ago, as she in turn stands guard over an enchanted garden.
MD019  - Deco Spirits Chartpack MD020  - Fairy Tales Chart MD022  - Summer Queen Chart
MD020 - Fairy Tales Chart
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If you’ve come to expect anything from Nora Corbett, it’s the unusual and unexpected, and her new “Deco Spirits” continues that tradition. Once upon a time, in a field strewn with magical flower petals, a doting mother read a bedtime tale to her very littlest angel. She is a symbol of all that is glorious and perfect. Just like summer.
MD027  - Millennium Angel Chartpack MD028  - Crystal Christmas Chartpack MD030  - A Midsummer Night's Fairy Chartpack
Poised before an arbor of greenery and robed in graceful swaths of coolest pewter satin, Mirabilia’s Millennium Angel is the beautiful way to herald in the coming 21st Century.
In a secret clearing deep in a far-away woods, a party of snow angels gather in their frosty finery to pay homage to the coming of Christmas.
Behold! ‘Tis but a fair wood sprite perched upon a mossy branch in the misty gloaming of a midsummer’s eve!
MD036  - Savannah's Curtsy Chart MD037  - Three For Tea Chart MD038  - Titania, Queen of the Fairies Chart
This winsome southern belle learned the genteel art of hospitality in finishing school, and she’d be delighted to extend a warm welcome to guests in any finely decorated foyer. Unlike many of us in the workaday world, these three lovely enchanted beings haven’t forgotten the importance of the quiet reflection and gentle conversation that comes with taking tea.
The companion to Nora Corbett’s 1997 “A Midsummer Night’s Fairy,” Titania harks from the same enchanted, misted wood.
MD046  - Le Nouveau Sampler Chart MD047  - April's Blue Diamond Chart MD050  - Summer In My Garden Chart
On a recent trip to Paris, Mirabilia’s designer Nora Corbett was inspired to create a cross-stitch sampler unlike any other.
First in Nora Corbett’s “Year of the Fairies” Collection, the Blue Diamond Fairy is an elegant tribute to the mercurial month of April.
Full of old-fashioned flowers in cool shades of pink and white. I especially love anything I can cut to enjoy inside.
MD053  - Spring In My Garden Chart MD054  - The Scent Of Old Roses Chart MD056  - May's Emerald Fairy Chartpack
I’m not a very patient person, says Nora, but gardening is teaching me to be. I’ve learned that something tiny and fragile holds the promise of becoming something bold and beautiful. There is a princess, we are told, of indescribable wealth, who is fascinated by the mixing of garden scents. The third in Mirabilia’s “Year of the Fairies Collection”. She stands surrounded by wild strawberries, gazing into an emerald Crystal Treasure that signifies love.
MD059  - July's Amethyst Fairy Chartpack MD060  - The Blossom Harvest Chartpack MD061  - Christmas Wishes
MD061 - Christmas Wishes
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Fourth in Nora Corbett’s “Year of the Fairies” Collection, July’s Amethyst Fairy captures a radiant fairy mere moments before she is to meet with her long-awaited fairy prince.
A young maiden crowned with pale crystal zinnias, stops to experience the pleasures of nature. My new design is of a boy and girl sitting on Santa’s lap and telling him their hopes and dreams. Santa is on a throne and cloaked in festive red and gold.
MD063  - The Cottage Garden Fairy MD066  - Fairie Treasures MD067  - The Woodland Fairie
MD066 - Fairie Treasures
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Pretty, Pretty, Pretty! In the colors of the cottage garden.
Gold beads and satin ribbons cascade from her silken gown and she is enveloped in a mystical garden of pale blues and greens. This beautiful fairie with a radiant wand is dressed in shades of pale gold and persimmon pink with fluttering misty blue wings.
MD068  - Winter In My Garden MD069  - Cinderella MD071  - Shimmering Mermaid Chartpack
MD069 - Cinderella
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Third in the series of gardeners is “Winter in My Garden”. Every gardener I know doesn’t rest the minute the snow starts to fall. She made her escape as lightly as a deer. The Prince followed, but could not catch her. Only she dropped one of her glass slippers, which he picked up and treasured. Floating on the linen with gleaming lock and key attached by a bead chain, this shimmering dreaming beauty is one of Nora’s most romantic mermaids.
MD076  - Ring Around the Rose Tree Chartpack MD077  - Emerald Mermaid Chartpack MD078  - Royal Holiday Chartpack
Four carefree girls, hold hands and dance around a blooming rose tree. Designed in pearly and citron hues, this enchanted deep sea nymph gracefully swims across the linen, entwined in lavender and mossy green blooming seaweed. The Empress of Christmas presides over her festivities adorned in velvety scarlet flowing robes, trimmed in evergreen, rubies, and fur.