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Needle Delights Originals are counted needlepoint designs from Kathy Rees. All designs are stitched on 18ct canvas using a variety of threads and stitches. The designs range from beginner to advanced so there's something for everyone!
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4th of July - Holiday Delights Amazing Color - Other Designs Americana - Color Delights Amethyst - Jewels & Gemstones Series
4th of July Amazing Color Americana Amethyst
Amethyst Garden - Other Designs Appalachia - Destination Series Aqua - Color Delights Aquamarine - Color Delights
Aqua - Color Delights
Our Price: $9.75
Amethyst Garden Appalachia Aqua Aquamarine
Aquamarine - Jewels & Gemstones Series Arabia - Destination Series Around the Rainbow - Other Designs Aurora - Other Designs
Aurora - Other Designs
Our Price: $14.63
Aquamarine Arabia Around the Rainbow Aurora
Autumn Logs - Other Designs Banded by Bargello - Other Designs Bargello Diamonds - Other Designs Birthday - Holiday Delights
Autumn Logs Banded by Bargello Bargello Diamonds Birthday
BlackJack - Other Designs Blueberry - Color Delights Blueberry Torte - Edible Series Boo Logs - Other Designs
BlackJack - Other Designs
Our Price: $31.20
Boo Logs - Other Designs
Our Price: $14.63
BlackJack Blueberry Blueberry Torte Boo Logs
Bora Bora - Destination Series Borleaux - Double Delights Brilliant Color - Other Designs Bubblegum - Color Delights
Bora Bora Borleaux Brilliant Color Bubblegum
Burst of Stars - Other Designs Calypso Squares - Edible Series Camouflage - Color Delights Carnival - Destination Series
Burst of Stars Calypso Squares Camouflage Carnival
Chaqua - Double Delights Charbleu - Double Delights Chartreuse - Color Delights Cherry Cordial - Edible Series
Chaqua Charbleu Chartreuse Cherry Cordial
Christmas - Holiday Delights Christmas Orn Tree - Other Designs Christmas Orn Tree 2 - Other Designs Christmas Rounds 1 - Other Designs
Christmas Christmas Orn Tree Christmas Orn Tree 2 Christmas Rounds 1
Christmas Rounds 2 - Other Designs Christmas Rounds 3 - Other Designs Cobalt - Color Delights Cobblestones - Other Designs
Cobalt - Color Delights
Our Price: $9.75
Christmas Rounds 2 Christmas Rounds 3 Cobalt Cobblestones