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Pricing shown are for an 18" piece of Smooth or Rough Purl. Smooth have a shiny finish and Rough have a matte finish. Purls are tubular in shape and are normally cut into small pieces and sewn into place like a bead, normally with silk threads. Purls are finer than bullion making them better for filling smaller areas of your goldwork embroidery. Purls are soft and springy allowing you to sew into place to form a loop (chain work), over other metal threads, or just in a straight line.
Purls are made by spinning a very fine wire tightly around a needle to create the very flexible and hollow tubes. The higher the number, the finer the thread. May be more than one piece to come up with 18" due to the manufacturing process.
Approximate widths of Smooth & Rough Purls according to size:
No. 4 - 2.0 mm
No. 5 - 1.8 mm
No. 6 - 1.5 mm
No. 7 - 1.2 mm
No. 8 - 1 mm
No. 9 - 0.8 mm
No. 10 - 0.6 mm

Rough Purl - Silver Plated - 18" length Smooth Purl - Silver Plated - 18" length
Pricing per 18" Piece Pricing per 18" Piece